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Know When to Rent: Ladders, Scaffolding, or an Aerial Lift

Extension Ladder Rental

When completing work at elevation, there are several rental options for you to choose from. You can rent a ladder, scaffolding or an aerial lift. Each of these has pros and cons depending on how they are being utilized. We will focus on each of the different options. We will look at the ways in […]

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Common and Special Uses of Pressure Washer Rentals

Equipment Cleaning Presure Washing

Cleaning something can be made easy when you have a pressure washer to use. High pressure water is able to power away dirt and grime even below the surface in most cases. This simple technology has been used to clean a multitude of different things. From driveways to walls, you have the power to get […]

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Jackhammer Uses and Comparisons

Chisel for Jackhammer

When you are working with concrete or breaking up rocks, you need something more substantial than a sledgehammer. While it is possible to use a sledgehammer, you will be at work all day. The jackhammer is the perfect tool to work through hard materials in a fraction of the time. Best of all, it is […]

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4 Best Commercial and Private Uses for Aerial Lifts

When it comes to completing work at height, aerial lifts are a great way to get it done. You are able to not only reach high places, but you can do it safely and bring along tools and equipment with you. Best of all, there are several different kinds of lifts available to you. The […]

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Important Considerations when Utilizing Equipment Rental

When getting started on a project, you may realize you need some equipment. The first instinct is to price out the equipment you need then go out and buy it. The problem is that when you may only need the equipment for the project you are working on. Selling the equipment afterward will put you […]

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Different Uses for Scaffolding Outside of Construction

Filming Scaffold

When you think of scaffolding, the first thing that comes to mind generally is construction. You imagine buildings surrounded by an exoskeleton of steel laden with workers set on building, or repairing, structures throughout the world. You may imagine bamboo scaffolding if thinking of several Asian countries. What you may not realize is how useful […]

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The History of Scaffolding

Ancient Scaffolding in History

Buildings throughout the world have been constructed using scaffolding. These same structures are used in maintenance, repair, and make improvements in addition to construction. Seeing the steel and wood plank structures we know today, it is hard to think about it being used throughout history. A deeper look into history shows scaffolding used throughout antiquity […]

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Scaffolding Rental Types and Their Uses

Construction Scaffolding Rental

There are many decisions to make when working in construction. Among those is the scaffolding needed to complete large projects. Scaffolding is designed to meet your needs depending on the type of construction you’re engaging in. Regardless of whether the project is indoors or outdoors, you’re likely to need something more than just a ladder. […]

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How To Remove Tall, Annoying Grass

Man Cutting Tall Grass

Maintaining your lawn can be challenging at times. Especially, when you haven’t taken care of it for a while, due to a busy schedule, staying away from home, or a myriad of other reasons. This results in growth of tall grass which is hard to cut, that if left, can lead to a lot of […]

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Know Your Earth Movers? Loaders, Excavators, and Dozers

Dozer Rental

As for heavy equipment, earth mover rentals hold a special place in the heart of many a roughneck. If you conducted a poll a Tonka bulldozer would probably rank in the top 3 most gifted toys for five-year-olds. They are often referred to in general as: heavy vehicles, heavy construction equipment, heavy trucks or vehicles, […]

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