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4 Best Commercial and Private Uses for Aerial Lifts

When it comes to completing work at height, aerial lifts are a great way to get it done. You are able to not only reach high places, but you can do it safely and bring along tools and equipment with you. Best of all, there are several different kinds of lifts available to you. The different types allow you to complete different tasks where a ladder may be less than optimal.

If you may be thinking that you do not have the money to purchase an aerial lift, it is important to know rentals are available. This is true whether you are a homeowner and would like a man lift rental, or you are a contractor and would like to use a telescoping boom lift. By renting, you not only pay less to use the lift, but you can avoid many of the hassles associated with owning large pieces of machinery.

Along with the different sizes of aerial lifts, there are also different types. These can include a single person vertical lift, boom lift, and scissor lifts. The perfect lift for the job will depend on a few different factors. In this article, we will be discussing the different ways that aerial lifts can be used as well as the different types and sizes. This will include:

  • Construction at Elevation
  • Commercial Maintenance, Repair, and Aerial Tasks
  • Home Repairs and Maintenance
  • Entertainment and Production

Construction at Elevation

Construction sites are a common place to find aerial lifts. Think about when you are adding something like a sign to the front of a business. The last thing you want is to utilize a ladder to reach the point you want to hang the sign. You are much better off using something like a boom lift rental. With this, you can have a basket that is accessible by up to three people including tools and equipment. With a telescoping boom lift, you do not even have to be that close to the side of the building to have full access to it.

There are many different jobs in a construction site in which an aerial lift are going to offer you benefit. The important thing to pay attention to is how high you will need to reach, any accessibility restrictions on the size of the lift, the total weight of the tools and equipment, and the number of people you will need in the basket. This will help you to determine which type of lift you would like to rent as well as the size.

As you will see, contractors prefer booms rental for the versatility when used outdoors. For work indoors scissor lifts are preferred. Whereas boom lifts are great for providing support for more weight and more workers, they are too large for use indoors. They cannot pass through doorways and there is the possibility the boom may scrape walls or hit the ceiling.

Commercial Maintenance, Repair, and Aerial Tasks

When handling repairs and maintenance in commercial facilities, you are going to find a lot of use for an aerial lift rental. This is due in large part to the fact the ceilings within facilities are very tall. The ability to change a lightbulb at that height is almost impossible with a standard ladder. Performing maintenance to internal structures becomes increasingly difficult and unsafe do to the inability to easily bring your tools with you.

Scissor aerial lifts are preferred in these kinds of environments. They are accessible indoors by being able to pass through doorways as well as turning tight corners. Scissor lifts are handy when used in a warehouse for picking smaller items where a forklift will not suffice. The ability to being material with you in the basket makes it easier to perform common tasks like painting.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

You may not imagine aerial equipment rental used in the home, but you would be surprised how handy they can be. If you have ever had to change a lightbulb in a chandelier in a foyer, you understand just how scary it can be to do so on a ladder. Just setting up the ladder in the first place takes a certain amount of talent by not breaking anything in the process. Something like a man lift rental is the perfect thing for rolling right where you need it and accessing the hard to reach places with ease.

Spring cleaning will be a breeze by renting a man lift or even a scissor lift. Cleaning gutters, outdoor windows and even repairing siding becomes a breeze. If you have ever tried to repair a shingle on the roof, you know how scary the transition from a ladder to the roof can be. With the assistance of a scissor lift, it is as simple as just stepping onto the roof, or making the repair right from the basket.

Entertainment and Production

Those in the entertainment industry utilize aerial lifts on a constant basis. This is just as big in the filming and production end as it is in concert venues. For instance, a boom lift rental offers the ability to get an aerial shot while maintaining a steady camera angle. By having three people on the boom basket, it is possible to have one doing the filming while another handles the controls and the third helps with sound.

Concert venues use everything from a man lift rental to scissor lifts to hang speakers, lights, and connect scaffolding. The uses are almost endless and are much safer than trying to accomplish the same tasks by using a ladder. The ability to simply return the rental at the end of a show makes it easy to just move to the next location and keep your team nimble.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the uses for aerial equipment rental are nearly endless. These are very broad categories in which they are used every day. The individual tasks they are used for make it possible to get more done while simultaneously reducing risk factors. Thanks to being able to rent the equipment, there is no reason why you should have to risk it by using a ladder to access anything at elevation.

Best of all, most of the companies offering aerial lift rental will deliver equipment right where you need it. Simply indicate the equipment you are looking for as well as the time period you would like to rent it for. If you are not sure about what kind of lift you will need, talk to the people at the rental location. They can provide you with expert advice about the lift that will work best for your needs.

If you are ready to get started on your next task, the experts at Calwest want to talk with you. Call today to discuss your boom lift rental needs. They will provide you with a reasonable quote and get you started. With plenty of properly maintained quality equipment to choose from they will have what you are looking for. Homeowners, contractors, and property managers already trust Calwest for their equipment rental needs. Give them a call to find out why they are trusted by so many.