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Common and Special Uses of Pressure Washer Rentals

Pressure Washers

Cleaning something can be made easy when you have a pressure washer to use. High pressure water is able to power away dirt and grime even below the surface in most cases. This simple technology has been used to clean a multitude of different things. From driveways to walls, you have the power to get it clean without having to break your back doing so.

Getting started with a pressure washing rental unit does not have to be complicated. We will discuss the uses for a pressure washer, special types of pressure washer uses, general operation, and tips for selecting the right accessories.

Common Pressure Washer Uses

Some of the most common uses for a pressure washer are to clean large surfaces like a driveway or other concrete surfaces. The pressurized water is perfect for getting under the surface and power away dirt. The additional power takes all the scrubbing out of a job. You are left with a clean surface in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Pressure washers have also been used to clean cars, boats, and trucks to remove dirt from hard to reach places. The rims of the wheels are a place where the pressure washer comes in especially handy. This can be accomplished with most models of pressure washers without getting too powerful. In fact, when you are cleaning a painted surface you want to avoid a pressure washer that is too powerful. High powered pressure washers could strip the paint off the surface of the medium.

Special Pressure Washer Uses

Pressure washers are perfect for removing practically all dirt and grime with little to no soap required. Grills, outdoor furniture, and more can be cleaned in a flash with pressurized water. They are even handy when removing graffiti from structures. To remove graffiti, you are going to need one of the most powerful pressure washers. This is because of the way the paint is bonded with the surface. You need something powerful enough to get through the paint and remove it.

Those looking to clean driveways may also want to consider a pressure washer attachment designed for the task. A surface cleaner attachment can be rented to make the job easier. Simply push it along, and it will do most of the work for you. With multiple jets, it will allow you to literally cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

Another special use case for pressure washer rentals is weed and dirt removal from in between concrete slabs or any other crack or narrow opening. You can use a narrow tip to direct extreme water pressure directly into cracks to completely break up and wash out any dirt or weeds.

Of course, we can’t forget about equipment rental cleaning. We utilize pressure washers to keep our entire inventory of rental equipment pristine and clean.

How to Use the Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is pretty easy to do. The most important thing is to make sure all of your connections are solid. Water pressure can cause there to be leaking throughout the machine if the connections are not tight. Double check everything before turning on the machine.

If you are using a model where you can select the pressure of the water, do so with your job in mind. Most machines will pressurize the water at a specific pressure. It is the nozzle that will determine how intense the pressure is when it hits the surface.

Tips for the wands will help you to have just the right amount of pressure as well as the right surface area. Remember that the wider the surface area the tip allows you to cover, the less pressure that will be exerted on the surface itself. The small single jet nozzles are perfect to power away tough stains, but you are restricted to a very narrow jet.

When you are working across a surface, it is recommended to use long slow, steady strokes that slightly overlap one another. This will help to prevent streaking and will alleviate the need to go over surfaces multiple times. In addition, working in a grid pattern where you constantly advance in the direction you are spraying will help you finish quicker and with better accuracy.

Selecting the Right Accessories

Wands are the most common part of the pressure washer that is overlooked. This is where the handle that operates the pressure washer is as well as the tube that the water is forced through. Standard wands can be a couple of feet long. There are kits that will allow you to extend the length of the wand in order to reach higher places, like this PW Extendable pole 18′ rental. The best way to extend a wand is with threaded pieces rather than with a telescoping wand to avoid potential pressure loss.

There are tips for all occasions. Some of the most common include:

  • Wide Spray – good for covering large surfaces at once. Remember that this will diffuse the strength of the water pressure. These can range from a conical shaped spray to one that will be more in a line. The wide line tip tends to work best on large surfaces.
  • Direct Nozzle – This delivers a pure hard pressurized stream of water. It will offer the least coverage, but will apply the most pressure. This is best when used for intense stains that require more pressure. It is not recommended when cleaning a large surface.
  • Varying Sizes – The wide sprays will come in a variety of different sizes. This is perfect for when you have an exact width of something like a picket fence. You can select the nozzle that will offer you the perfect width of spray to clean one picket at a time.
  • Surface Cleaner, Pressure Washer Rental – When you are cleaning something like a driveway, this is what you are looking for. Circulating brush and multiple nuzzles allow you to easily power through the dirt and grime that accumulated without having to bend over at all.

Types of Pressure Washers to Use

When you are ready to rent a pressure washer, here are a few great choices for you to consider:

  • Pressure Washer, Hot, 3500 PSI Rental – This is the pressure washer rental that will deliver the most power and offers heated water for even better results. This is portable and has wheels to make it even easier for you to get it where you need it. This is perfect for cleaning siding and asphalt. The gas powered motor makes it more powerful.
  • Pressure Washer, 4000 PSI Rental – If you are looking to remove graffiti or to strip paint, this is the model you are looking to rent. The portable design makes sure that you are able to take the machine with you as you are cleaning. Gas powered motor offers greater freedom.
  • Pressure Washer, 2700 PSI Rental – Perfect for cleaning wood surfaces, this portable model also includes wheels. The lighter model also makes it easier for you to get it where you are going. This is a gas powered model so it can be used even in remote locations.
  • Pressure Washer, Electric 1000 PSI Rental – This electric motor pressure washer is perfect for when you would like to clean grill grates, a car, or a boat. It has the least amount of power of the models listed. It is intended for light cleaning. It will not strip off the paint or finish from your cars and boats.

CalWest has everything you need to get started on your pressure washing project. Navigate through the different pressure washers and accessories rentals. The easy pricing guides will help you to determine the amount of time you would like to rent for.