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Important Considerations when Utilizing Equipment Rental

When getting started on a project, you may realize you need some equipment. The first instinct is to price out the equipment you need then go out and buy it. The problem is that when you may only need the equipment for the project you are working on. Selling the equipment afterward will put you at a loss that makes the purchase not worth your time.

This is when you start looking into equipment rental. Not only will you save money, but you will save time. A reputable company does all the hard work for you in selecting quality equipment. They make sure the prices are competitive. They maintain the equipment. They also store the equipment so it is ready for you to use whenever you want to.
Getting started with equipment rental does require some important considerations. This includes:

  • Choosing the right company to rent from
  • Selecting the right equipment for your project
  • Planning out before you rent anything
    Once you have this all figured out, you will discover the joy of equipment rental.
rental equipment

Choosing an Equipment Rental Company with a Good Selection

The right equipment rental company makes all the difference. Among the things a good company should have available include:

– Large construction equipment

– Equipment for home projects

– Hand tools for a range or project sizes

– Accessories to maximize usage of equipment

Construction companies rent equipment all the time. Renting a dozer makes a lot more sense than buying one. You may find the need for different sizes of earth movers. You may find certain project sites to be in areas where noise must be kept at a minimum. Other project sites may require equipment to operate without the use of fuel. Rather than buying, storing, and maintaining all the different types of dozers, you rent what you need when you need it.

Homeowners use equipment rentals for home projects quite often. If you are working on something high up within the home, you may find the need for aerial lifts, ladders, or scaffolding. If you are working on installing concrete for a deck, renting a mixer comes in handy. Even if you are removing concrete, it can be a breeze with a jack hammer. For the cost of buying the equipment, you could simply hire a contractor to do it for you.

Hand tools should also be available from good equipment rental companies. This could include power tools, like saws for cutting through trees and concrete. It can also include simple things like snakes. The ability to simply rent reliable equipment from a company allows you to get to work faster.

Many pieces of equipment are outfitted with different accessories. These allow one piece of equipment to have multiple purposes. A good equipment rental company not only has these accessories but can advise you on which you should consider renting.

Selecting the Equipment Right for Your Project

Think about renting an earth mover from an equipment rental company. Now imagine using an earth mover designed for use on a large construction site to remove dirt from a planting bed at a home. Having the right size equipment for the job is highly important. Things to consider when it comes to equipment rental include:

–         Size – Always have the work ahead of you in mind when renting equipment. Make sure to determine the power you will need to complete the project. Having just the right amount of power makes the project easier, but having too much could lead to destruction. You may find you prefer a mini skid as opposed to an earth mover with a 3-yard capacity bucket.

 The other side of this equation is accessibility. If you are a homeowner working on a project by yourself, it doesn’t make sense to rent an aerial lift designed to accommodate three workers and equipment. You are better suited to a single occupant model. Additionally, more complicated pieces of equipment are best suited to professionals with experience working with them. 

 Of course, working indoors creates its own set of requirements. Thanks to electrical lifts with a narrow base capable of passing through standard doorways, you can find equipment to suit your needs. This is just one example of the different types of equipment designed to be used in tight spaces where a fuel engine is not feasible. 

–         Power type – Piece of equipment you can rent are powered by different sources. If you are working indoors, you are going to want something that works off of electricity. If you are on large projects, you may want diesel-powered equipment. If your job site requires reduced noise, or you are working indoors, both electrical equipment, as well as propane-powered engines, is available.

Take some time to look at your job and determine the equipment rental needs you have. You can then move forward with renting your equipment and getting started.

Proper Planning for Getting the Most out of the Rental Time

Once you have determined the equipment rental you require, it is time to make a plan. This will help you to save money by only renting for as long as you need. The equipment will not sit idle while you finish a step of your project. This way, you get the most bang for your buck.

Whether you are in construction or working on a project at home, you should look at whether you can use one piece of equipment for multiple projects. Determine where and how the piece of equipment can be used and make sure to line up all the work for the duration of time you will have the equipment. This always works best if the different projects are close enough together you can complete them all within a short period of time.

During your planning, determine exactly how you will go through the process. Be realistic in your timeline of how long specific parts of the project will take. This way, you can identify when you will need the equipment and for how long. Armed with this knowledge, contact the equipment rental company to reserve the piece(s) of equipment you need on the dates required. This way, you will not have to take a chance the equipment will be available for you to use when you are ready to use it. Simply go pick it up and keep working.

Project Planning


Keeping these considerations in mind makes it possible for you to get the most out of equipment rental. You will be working with the right companies because you know how to identify good ones. The right equipment will be easier for you to identify because you have thought it through. Less down time will be logged thanks to proper planning. All of this makes it possible for you to finish your project on time and with the greatest degree of success. After you have gone through this process once, it becomes easier.

In the future you are likely to have a relationship with a good company to rent from. Selecting tools will be easier once you have used them a few times and know what you need. Even planning out the stages becomes easier with practice. Don’t get upset if it takes you a little while to get it right. Just stick with the considerations laid out here and you will be well on your way.