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How to Select the Right Forklift Rental for the Job

Nothing does the job like a forklift when it comes to lifting heavy objects to high places. You can easily slide the blades under pallets and move them right where you want them. Forklifts can do so much more than just moving pallets. They are also useful for moving trash, moving people, and can even be used as a boom. The possibilities are endless in both construction and warehouse arenas. Let’s take a closer look at the different jobs forklifts can serve as well as useful attachments and why renting may be favorable over buying a forklift.

Different Types of Forklifts

5k warehouse forklift

The first thing for us to look at is the different types of forklifts. The image that comes to most people’s mind is the standard warehouse forklift. This is small and compact and can get in small places with a very narrow turn radius. It is designed to get around easily in between the aisles of a warehouse while the vertical lift can move pallets onto shelves and off again.

A similar forklift is one that is designed for removing pallets from a flatbed. A straight mast forklift is heavy duty with a straight lift. This will allow you to work on construction sites to get pallets right where you want them. It will require more room to maneuver than the forklift designed for the warehouse, so it is recommended for open places.

If you need to reach even higher with your forklift, you can rent a forklift with extendable arms. Some of high reach forklifts can reach as high as 56 feet. This kind of high reach forklift is perfect to move pallets and more to the top of buildings or high on scaffolding. Another more compact model that can reach 44 feet high is available for those looking to work in less than even surfaces. If you don’t need to reach as high, the extendable forklift that reaches 19 feet is perfect for you. All of these have a heavy base and durable tires so you can go practically anywhere you need to go.

Accessories to Use with the Forklift

As mentioned above, the most common way to use a forklift is with pallets. The wide forks may be permanently set at an industry-standard that fits perfectly in the notches in the base of a pallet. Others may include forks that may be adjusted to suit your needs. Of course, if you need the forks to be longer, you can add fork extenders to add another 6 feet to your lift so you can carry larger pallets or two at a time.

If you are working on a construction site, you may need a more convenient way to move trash from one location to another. One easy solution is to utilize a forklift heavy duty trash hopper. This durable box is open on one end to allow for workers to easily toss any waste inside. When using with an extendable arm forklift, you can move trash from high in the workplace to the appropriate receptacle quickly and easily. The hopper has a base that the forks slide into. This allows you to have multiple hoppers throughout the worksite as needed. When they are full, just remove them and empty them.

If you need to move heavy objects from one place to another that require multiple points of support, a boom could be a better way to move them. You can utilize a jib boom for heavy items, or a truss boom for a longer reach. The jib boom is attached by sliding the forks inside the base of the boom. It has the option to alter the length of the boom with the ability to carry anywhere from 2,000lbs to 6,000lbs depending on the distance of the hook. Connect the chains or wires to the hook and lift it exactly where you want it. The truss boom can reach up to 15 feet while carrying weights of up to 2,000lbs. This connects to the lift with a hook on the back of the cradle with a pin attachment at the base. Both booms will require a heavy hook and chain to carry the objects with.

There is also an accessory that can be used when moving personnel. The telehandler 4×8 basket offers you the feature of a man lift rental with the versatility of a forklift. It is perfect for a makeshift elevator or for accessing hard-to-reach places. It provides you all the same convenience as a boom lift while still maintaining the versatility of a forklift. The durable steel design offers stability to two workers and equipment when being lifted to elevated locations steel frame includes a door, so it is easy to get in and out while being protected inside. The heavy plate base includes two slots for the forks to slide right into the base and lock into position. This will keep the basket secure until you are done using it.

The Advantage of Renting over Buying a Forklift and Accessories

When considering forklifts, you may be considering whether you would want to rent as opposed to purchasing one. The pros and cons should be considered for each. Purchasing means you own the equipment outright whenever you want to use it. This also means that all storage, maintenance, and insurance costs fall on you. Additionally, you will be responsible for purchasing trucks capable of hauling the heavy machinery from one location to another.

If you opt to rent instead, many of these costs are alleviated. The rental company stores the equipment when not in use. It is the responsibility of the rental company to maintain the equipment in between uses. Insurance is also covered by the rental company as the product belongs to them. Best of all, when you rent, the equipment is brought right to where you need it and removed when you are done using it. You only pay for what you need when you need it. This is most beneficial when you have different needs from different worksites. The rentals can be made depending on the individual needs of the different worksites so you can more easily budget your costs.

To Rent or Not to Rent That is the Question

As you have seen, there is more to a forklift rather than just a pallet mover. It works well inside the warehouse, but has the ability to do so much more. Regardless of the tasks you have ahead of you, it is likely that a forklift can help you to accomplish your goals. Renting a forklift and the necessary accessories makes the most sense for general contractors and homeowners alike. Once you have utilized rentals from companies like CalWest Rentals you are going to see the benefits. They have dedicated professionals standing by to help you with all your rental needs for forklifts and so much more. Start your next project today with the help of a forklift rental.