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Telescopic Boom Lifts Rentals

When you need to work high up, you need the safety and reliability that a boom lift can provide. The telescopic boom lift rental is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. The base of the lift can oscillate 360 degrees to provide you with full access to your surroundings. Telescoping features make it possible for you to reach greater heights than you can on other boom lift models. Baskets range in size depending on models to offer you enough room for 1-3 people to work together on a single project. These are also known as stick boom lifts and straight boom lift due to the way the boom “telescopes” out from the boom hoist, which in turn is attached to the chassis. These are perfect for working on electricity, exterior walls, and trees where tasks may be best suited for one individual.

Simply drive or tow the telescopic boom lift rental where you want it and you can get to work. By restraining the lift, you are able to support even more weight in the basket for when you need to bring heavy equipment along with you. Controls within the basket make it easy for you to manipulate your location and height. Just choose the height of the lift depending on the task you are working on and you’ll be ready to get to the job site right away.