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Manlifts Rentals

Simple to operate when you need to work at a higher level, the manlift rental is ready to help you complete your project. Best when used indoors, this type of lift is perfect for working in areas ladders cannot reach, or would not be advisable to use. The self-contained unit extends directly upward to reach locations in the middle of a large room through the use of hydraulic pumps. The controls are within the basket to make it easy for a worker to control the height and location of the lift. This is a popular model for working with electricity, piping, and maintenance indoors in hard to reach places.

The restrictions of the manlift rental are made up for by the ability to utilize it in places other lifts cannot reach. With a narrow body, it can easily go through doorways other lifts could not possibly fit. Different models have various heights they can reach to offer you the kind of access you need. Designed for a single worker without a lot of extra equipment, the sturdy basket makes it easy to work with confidence.