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Scissor Lifts Rentals

When you need to work at height in tight places, scissor lifts are a great way to get the work done. These compact lifts utilize hydraulics to lift a platform vertically. Most models are narrow enough they can pass through standard doorways to make it possible to utilize these indoors. Workers are able to reach heights normally inaccessible by ladders due to space and safety issues. Scissor lift rental provides you with a simple and effective way to work in warehouses, gymnasiums, and maintenance. With different heights available, it is easy to get workers exactly where you need them.

Platforms on scissor lifts generally accommodate up to two workers, but some have extendable platforms giving you room for three or more workers. Extendable platforms also allow you to access places where a slight obstacle may be preventing direct access. With the controls in the platform of the scissor lift rental, you can drive exactly where you want to be and lift workers, equipment, and materials where they will do the most good. It is possible on some models to even move the lift from one location to another while it is fully extended. With the majority of these lifts being electric, simply plug them in between uses and be ready to go.