How To Remove Tall, Annoying Grass

Maintaining your lawn can be challenging at times. Especially, when you haven’t taken care of it for a while, due to a busy schedule, staying away from home, or a myriad of other reasons. This results in growth of tall grass which is hard to cut, that if left, can lead to a lot of problems that affect the health and appearance of the lawn.

Benefits Of Removing Tall Grass

  • Less bugs Due to in-growth of tall grass in the lawn, bugs tend to find a home there. Mosquitoes, ticks and other disease carrying insects can cause serious harm to you or others, not to mention they are really annoying.
  • More space — Because of tall grass, there is a lack of extra space on the lawn. Sometimes it even gets hard to walk between them.
  • Better appearance — These tall grasses often spoil the appearance of the lawn. An unkempt and disorganized lawn can be aesthetically unpleasant.
Tall Grass Needs a Cut

Types of Rental Equipment To Use

Husqvarna Weedeater Walk-behind HU675HWT (1)

Walk Behind Weed Eater Rental

This is a perfect trimmer on wheel drives, which adds a powerful punch to areas of the lawn that are too large to be trimmed with hands and too tight for mowing. 

Our weed eater walk behind rental  is an excellent weed eater. With a cutting width of 22 inches, large trim jobs can be done in less time. The trim height adjusts easily from 1.6 to 30 inches and replacing the trimmer line takes only a few minutes. It is an all- rounder performer, the HU675HWT takes care of your tough trimming job.

Billy Goat High Weed Mower BC2600HEBHFT (3)

High Weed Mower Rental

This is perfect for removing tall grass and tall weeds. Our high weed mower – Billy Goat rental cuts both knee high weeds and grass with finish cut quality. It comes with a high- torque blade and 16 inches easy roll high rear wheels. This weed mower is also operator friendly which provides a productivity of 32,735 sq.ft/hr.

Quick Tips On Removing Tall Grass

  • Cut slow — Tall grass should be cut slow in the beginning. Regardless of its height, the grass should be cut one-third of its original. Cutting more than that could put stress on the plant. So the best way is to cut only 1/3 of the original height of the plant.
  • Only cut dry — The best time to cut grass is when the grass is dry. The moisture and morning dew on the grass, puts pressure on the stalk and tends to bend it down. This makes a straight cut difficult.
Husqvarna Weedeater Nylon Strings 535LS (1)

Weed Eater Rental

A weed eater is a commercial product that operates on a small stroke engine and is easily movable. Our Weed Eater rentalaka the Husqvarna 535LS, is a trimmer in the versatile 35cc class built for tough commercial and also for home use. It gives a power output of 2.15 hp.

Ride-On Brush Cutter Rental

This device is used usually for cutting or trimming weeds that have overgrown. The Brush cutter rental is packed with amazing features like large tires that enables smooth maneuvering through uneven, steep or wet ground. Its hydrostatic transmission enables smooth adjustments while trimming over uneven terrain. Air suspended seats help reduce fatigue after long hours of operation, absorption subtle vibrations much better than a typical coil spring. It has front and rear projectors that help in operating in low light as well.

Mower for Tracked Skid Steer

Skid Steer Mower Attachment Rental

This mower attachment rental covers a larger swath of grass by spinning a horizontal blade fast enough to sweep off all the grass from the ground. The blade sits inside a casing called a deck, which dissuades the grass and other objects from flying all over the place. You’ll need to rent our tracked skid steer to use this attachment.

Husqvarna Lawn Mower 5HP 7021P (2)

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower rental is one of the most essential equipment rentals that is required in maintaining a lawn, however it is may not be the best choice for tall grass. Lawn mowers are best for even terrain where the grass is not taller than 12″ high. In any other situation the rental equipment listed above is better suited for tall grass.

Process For Mowing Tall Grass

  1. Clean debris and large objects — The most important thing that you need to do is to clear your lawn and remove all the debris. Any debris can hamper the blade of the lawn equipment.
  2. Select a Brush Mower or Weed Eater Using a brush mower or weed eater rental (AKA string trimmer) cut down the top of the weeds to a height of about 8″-10″ above the ground. For very tall grass cutting a fraction of the grass each time is important when using this tool as the grass can easily get stuck around the string trimmer. The Brush mower is best suited for larger areas and taller grass. Don’t worry about uniform cuts at this point. That can be handled in the next step.
  3. Select a Lawn Mower or Mower Attachment Depending the size of your plot you need to select a push behind lawn mower rental (for small areas) or a mower attachment rental for a skid steer (for large areas). These rental units will cut your grass down to a normal height and leave the blades at a uniform height. *For large or commercial lawns, a large mower is required. This usually has a high speed blade. The faster the revolution, the less clumping and cleaner the area.
  4. Water The Grass — Deeply water the lawn after the cutting operation.
  5. Cut Again at Higher Height — After a week or so, the lawn should be mowed again by setting it on the highest setting. This ensures that the lawn is evenly cut so that grass growth will be equal on all sections of your lawn. Our lawn mower rental provides you with features that makes your work easier and more convenient.

Remember, when you use the right tool for the job the job will be done better, faster, and with less headache, by following our tips, your next clearing or lawn project should be a breeze!