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Scaffolding Rental Types and Their Uses

There are many decisions to make when working in construction. Among those is the scaffolding needed to complete large projects. Scaffolding is designed to meet your needs depending on the type of construction you’re engaging in. Regardless of whether the project is indoors or outdoors, you’re likely to need something more than just a ladder. Such things as masonry require the ability to walk back and forth across a surface. To do this type of work on a ladder would require stopping work and moving the ladder before you resume work. By simply utilizing scaffolding, you’re able to freely move about without being encumbered by moving where you stand. Most construction professionals prefer scaffolding rental options as opposed to purchasing. Renting allows you to utilize the equipment without the fear of damaging your property or property theft. When you rent scaffolding, you do not have to worry about storing scaffolding between projects. This allows you to minimize your overhead expenses for daily operations.

Once you have determined you’re going to require scaffolding rental for your project, it is time to consider which types will suit your needs best. There are specific types utilized for indoor and outdoor uses as well as those which are portable as opposed to those which are anchored in place. Among the different types of scaffolding you can choose from include: single scaffolding, double scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, and trestle scaffolding. Each type of scaffolding has its merits to be considered when choosing for your project. Take your time in considering where you’re going to be working and the individual needs of your crew to determine which scaffolding allows you to complete your project quickly, safely, and in the most economical way possible. As you’ll see, the scaffolding rental types you choose will change from one job to the next.

Single Scaffolding Rental

This type of scaffolding is most often used in brick masonry. It is nicknamed brick layer’s scaffold as a result. This is a less favored form of scaffolding rental type, because of the requirements it has in construction. The main detractor of this type of scaffolding is it requires being fastened to the wall you’re working on. The anchor for your scaffold is the very wall you’re laying bricks upon. Some of the components used include ledgers, standards, and putlogs. As a result, this falls into the category of putlog scaffolding. Wooden boards and braces are used to stabilize the scaffold as well as provide you with a wide workspace. The main advantage this has is the ease by which it can initially be constructed, as well as the sturdiness provided against the wind. Detractors include the deficiency of not being able to add another scaffold until the previous layer of bricks cure in place. Working on complex structures, or at height is simply not possible with single scaffolding, because of these limitations on how it can be constructed.

Double Scaffolding Rental

As opposed to single scaffolding, double scaffolding does not require being anchored to a wall. It can also be used in brick masonry, but also in stone masonry. It is nicknamed mason’s scaffolding for this reason. This is a type of scaffolding rental which utilizes two rows of scaffolding. The first set of scaffolding is placed approximately a foot from the wall. The second set of scaffolding is set about three feet away from the first. The first set is anchored to the second set. Something like the Outdoor 15 ft. Tower can be utilized for this type of construction. The obvious benefit to this is the ability to add scaffold without having to wait for anything to set. You’re able to reach a higher elevation utilizing this type of scaffolding but would require additional support once a terminal height has been achieved. Construction of homes and buildings of a few stories are easily attainable utilizing this type of scaffolding rental. Best of all, without the need to anchor to the wall, the complete scaffolding structure needed can be built all at once, rather than in parts.

Mobile Scaffolding Rental

Among the most popular type of scaffolding, rental is mobile scaffolding. As you may have guessed, this type includes casters at the base, allowing you to move the scaffolding where you need it. Casters lock in place once you have it in place to prevent it from moving. Work platforms are able to be set at the levels you desire. In some models, like the Indoor 6 ft. Tower, the work platform is a part of the construction with braces built-in. Simply set the platform at the height desired, and you can get to work. For taller towers, multiple work platforms are possible. For instance, the Outdoor 20 ft. Tower has multiple locations for work platforms with plenty of cross supports to maintain the stability of the tower regardless of what kind of work you’re engaging in. As you can see, the use of this type of scaffolding can be used indoors or outdoors with plenty of stability and the convenience needed to finish projects faster.

Cantilever Scaffolding Rental

When working at elevation, it is not possible to call on the ground to support the scaffolding any longer. Cantilever scaffolding is a great way to work at height for a structure which is fully anchored. The scaffolding rental used for this includes a mix of pieces that are rented and pieces that become a part of the structure itself. Constructed based on holes in the wall to create anchors, a series of needles rocket skyward. The anchored needles then become the anchor for scaffold added to them. It is possible to add as much scaffolding as necessary, given the use of more wall anchors as the structure grows. This is a good structure when you need to create custom scaffolding with the ability to conform to the shape of the structure. Great care is necessary when working with this kind of scaffolding rental to ensure it is safely anchored and constructed to support the required weight for construction.

Trestle Scaffolding Rental

When you’re working on varying levels of construction, trestle scaffolding is very handy. This type of scaffolding rental can be adjusted to the height required, and readjusted without having to disassemble anything. Different types of trestle scaffolding are available, including those which utilize folding supports. Resembling ladders can even include rungs which allow you to climb up and down as you would normally on the sides of other scaffolding rental types. Trestle scaffolding can be used indoors and outdoors but is generally utilized in indoor use. It can be combined with casters to be redefined as mobile scaffolding as well. Best of all, this type of scaffolding requires little, to no, construction, making it simpler to get started with construction projects.

Regardless of whether your project requires single scaffolding, double scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, or trestle scaffolding, you will appreciate their usefulness in your project. The scaffolding rental types available through Cal-West Rentals give you options you’re going to appreciate. As you complete projects, you will likely develop your favorite type of scaffolding to use for specific projects. Take the time to consider your options, where your construction is taking place, and the specific needs of the project. This makes it possible for you to make the best decision for you and your workers to complete the project in a manner you can be proud.