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Ride-On Rollers Rental

Large areas requiring compaction require larger pieces of equipment. Ride-on rollers are perfect to deliver just the kind of weight and power necessary to compact soil across large areas. These pieces of equipment can be outfitted with different rollers for smooth compaction as well as textured compaction as required per project needs. With a variety of different sizes and widths to the rollers, it is possible to get the size and width of ride-on roller necessary to complete your project. Versatile in usage, these pieces of compaction equipment make it possible to work in a variety of environments and different soil compaction requirements.

These ride-on rollers are designed to be used by contractors and require hauling from one location to another on a trailer. The difference in design includes different power methods for rollers possible of working both indoors and outdoors. There are even models compact enough to have the ability to be used indoors while passing through doorways. Getting the model needed for your project is as simple as investigating the workload required and matching the roller perfect to provide you with the specifications to get the job done.