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Post Hole Auger, 2 Person Rental

Rental Item Specs

Type GXV160 Honda
Horsepower 5.5 HP
StarterHand rewind
FuelGasoline, unleaded automotive grade

TypeTotally-enclosed, grease- lubricated
Nominal Auger Rotation Speed 3600 RPM, no load
Clutch 3″ (76mm) diameter all-metal automatic-centrifugal, slips on overload
Driveshaft Connection 1-3/8″ (35mm) Hexagon
Maximum Drilling Torque190 ft. lbs. (74 N.m)

Diameter  6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″
ExtensionFlighted plain tube depth to 24″

Rental Rates

Four Week$895.00
Min Rental Term4 Hours
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You
The M330H Two-Man Hole Digger Auger Rental is the perfect auger to quickly and easily dig through a variety of soils. Built for use by two people, it can handle larger projects than a single person handheld hole digger. The gasoline-powered Honda engine allows you to work wherever you need. Designed to be used by professional contractors, this auger can also be used by homeowners for bigger projects.
Capable of digging holes up to 12 inches, the M330H Two-Man Hole Digger Auger Rental makes is an easy choice to make. Landscaping tasks, building fences, and taking soil samples are all made possible when you have an auger like this one to use. Great torque and horsepower are made possible thanks to precision machine-cut gears which are also heat-treated. The Magura twist grip throttle control gives you complete control over the auger for greater safety.
  • Oversized bearings for more reliability.
  • Vibration is absorbed thanks to the comfort-flex┬« composite operator handle.
  • Protection from accidental contact with utility line when digging.
  • Extended life with an oil-cooled all-metal centrifugal clutch.