The Most Versatile Telehandler Rental, The Genie 5519

Genie Compact Reach Forklift Cab
Full Size Spacious Cab

The Genie 5519 telehandler is the ideal workhorse to rent for your next job where you need a compact unit. This rental unit is often the first machine to arrive on the jobsite and the last to leave. The compact unit offers superior maneuverability with 4-wheel drive. The compact nature of this telehandler rental relates to the length and wheelbase but not the cab. When you rent this unit, you’ll find the cab area to be quite spacious and comfortable for a long workday behind the wheel. You’ll find plenty of power behind the Genie 5519 with a Deutz TD 2.9 L4 Tier 4 final engine with no need to add DEF or regen.

Now that you know the Genie 5519 is the perfect compact reach forklift, let’s look at what you can accomplish with this rental unit. The primary use for telehandlers is material transport on rough terrain by using the standard adjustable fork attachments. The telescopic boom allows the machine to extend its forks out to 11’ in front of it with a max height of 19’. The telehandler can move loads off the back of trucks and deposit them in hard to reach places like a raised platform or overtop of obstructions like railings or other barriers.

With the Genie 5519 you can move up to 5,500lbs when the unit is not raised or extended. At max height of the boom you can lift 4,400lbs, and at the max reach you can lift 1,900lbs.

Rough terrain material handling is not the only feature of this telehandler; the Genie 5519 has a lift shackle that allows you to sling a load without any secondary attachments. Additionally, the Genie 5519 reach forklift can be used in agricultural or earth moving scenarios with the bucket attachment. You can rent our bucket attachment which can quickly be swapped in replacing the standard fork attachment.

Do I Need Training or a Licence?

Our friendly staff will cover training and safety with you when we deliver your telehandler rental to your jobsite. It is not required to have license to rent this reach forklift.