Ammann Roller Double Drum 54In Arx-452 Rental at Cal-West

Brand Ammann Model ARX 45-2 Length 114.8 in Wheelbase 76.8 in Height 111.8 in Height (Folded Ropes) 84.6 in Width 54.3 in Working Width With Offset 55.9 in Machine Width Total 57 in Emission Class EU Stage V / U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Power Output ISO 304632.8 kW (44 HP)CYLINDER / LTR.3 cyl / 1826 cm³ […]

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Large areas requiring compaction require larger pieces of equipment. Ride-on rollers are perfect to deliver just the kind of weight and power necessary to compact soil across large areas. These pieces of equipment can be outfitted with different rollers for smooth compaction as well as textured compaction as required per project needs. With a variety […]

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