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Articulating Boom Lifts Rentals

One way you can reach higher at the jobsite is with the use of an articulating boom lift rental. Also known as a knuckle lift, the boom is attached to the boom hoist by a series of joints in the arm. The flexibility of an articulating boom lift is the ability to work around obstacles to get workers in hard to reach places. The chassis of the lift can be anchored in place to provide greater work capacity within the basket and assure full extension of the arm. These models are popular for use on maintenance projects, exterior cleaning, piping repairs, and electrical work.

What the articulating boom lift rental lacks in vertical reach, as opposed to the telescopic boom lift, it makes up in versatility. Hand controls within the basket allow the worker to manipulate the basket right where it needs to be. Perfect for when something like a tree or a fence is in the way of getting to your work site, just lock the basket in place and get to work. Base chassis provides 360 degree access to make it easier for you to get more done without having to move the base.