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A-Frame Ladders Rentals

When you are choosing from different ladders to use in your project, you may want to consider A-frame ladder rental. These foldable ladders extend their base with an arm that locks in place when fully extended. Rungs typically are set along one side of the ladder while the opposing side is left to support your weight. Some A-frame ladders have twin front construction to double the number of people able to work on the ladder at once. Twin front ladders allow a single worker to access the same height from two different sides without having to move the ladder.

A-frame ladder rental is perfect for when you cannot lean the ladder against a wall or other surfaces. This comes in handy when painting as well as when there simply is nothing substantial to lean the ladder against. Many of these types of ladders also include a platform perfect for setting tools, paint cans, or equipment while working on a project. The double base helps to prevent slipping when you do not have a spotter to assist you.

Several sizes of A-frame ladder rental are available depending on how you’re going to use them. Keep in mind the taller the ladder is, the wider the base will be. Make sure you’re going to have the right amount of space in your work space to accommodate the ladder height you choose. Whether working indoors or outdoors, these easy to move ladders will provide you with the access you need to complete your project even faster.