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Wheel Loader, 2 YD Rental

Rental Item Specs

Bucket capacity (cu yds):   1.57 – 2.35
Weight Operating weight (lbs):    15,432
EnginNet engine power (hp): 100
Engine model:    TCD 3.6 L4
Breakout force (lbs):  13,264
Dump clearance, full height (ft/in):   8′ 9″
Length w/bucket on ground (ft/in):     17′ 11″
Width over tires (ft/in):         6′ 11″
Height to top of cab (ft/in):     9′ 1″
Turning radius, bucket carry (ft/in):    15′ 4″

Rental Rates

Four Week$5250.00
Min Rental TermDay
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

The Yanmar V12 has an operating weight of 15,432 lbs, a 100-hp diesel engine and a 1.57 yd3 bucket. The V12 features parallel kinematics and exhibits a bucket digging force of 13,264 lbf and lift capacity at ground level of 15,962 lbs. The oscillating rear axle provides smooth and comfortable off-road operation.