Stump Grinder, 13 Hp Rental

Rental Item Specs

Cutter Wheel 14″ Dia. x 3/8″ Thick
Disc RPM2200 RPM
DriveDirect Belt Drive
Tires4.80/4.00-8″ Adjustable Brake Band
Weight300 lbs
Dimensions58″L x 32″W x 51″H
Above Grade20″
Below Grade16″

Rental Rates

Four Week$1950.00
Min Rental Term4 Hours
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

13 hp Stump Grinder

Many stumps are not in the most convenient or easy-to-reach places. This stump grinder was designed just for these tough applications. It’s compact but powerful hydrostatic drive system provides the muscle in getting to the job site quickly and safely. Seven-inch-wide lugged tires give you more flotation and added traction for those steep slopes and extra stability on wet and slippery hillsides.

This 32″ wide stump grinder can easily fit through narrow paths, walkways and gates leading to back yards.