Sewer Snake – 25 Ft Rental

Rental Item Specs

Rental Rates

Four Week$300.00
Min Rental Term4 Hours
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

The Super-Vee offers you a complete system for cleaning drain lines through 3″ in diameter for any clogged drain problem.
The Dyna-Thrust™ bearing system helps carry the weight of the drum, significantly reducing wear on the motor shaft bearing. The Super-Vee is ideal for sinks, tubs and laundry drains.

Slide Action Chuck
With a quick movement of the Grip Shield, you release or engage the cable – without the need for a chuck, and with automatic adjustment for different cable diameters. As a result, you get your cable into the line faster, pull it out faster, and have full control at all times. Because the Slide Action Chuck is linked to the Grip Shield, handling is easy and comfortable.

. Slide Grip Shield FORWARD to release cable.
. Pull Cable out of drum. Slide Grip Shield BACK to grip cable.
. Run cable into line and repeat. It’s that quick!