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New! Vibrating Paver Compactor Rental

Rental Item Specs

# of Rollers4
Roller Diameter2.9 in / 73.66 mm
Centrifugal Force2270 lbf. / 10.1 kN
Exciter Speed5600 VPM
Plate Size12.6 x 17.05 in
Max Forward Speed Per Min.82 ft. / 25 m
Overall Length35.04 in / 890 mm
Overall Width14.8 in / 376 mm
Overall Height36.14 in / 918 mm
Operating Weight198 lb. / 90 kg

Rental Rates

Four Week$895.00
Min Rental Term4 Hours
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

Finishing the paver job is a lot easier with the MQ Makita MVB85H Vibrating Paver Plate Compactor Rental. The use of several hard rubber rollers provides you with smooth operation and reduces the risk of damaging pavers in the process. Easy to grasp tubular handlebars increases your control and maintains focus on the task at hand. The lightweight unit can be moved by one operator to the worksite to get started even faster than with larger compactor units.

The MQ Makita MVB85H Vibrating Paver Plate Compactor Rental operates on standard gasoline making it easy to source fuel as well as eliminating the need to mix in oil. Refill port is located at the top of the unit to make refilling even easier. Compact design reduces fuel consumption to allow you to work longer on one tank of gas.


  • Handles can be stowed for easier transportation.
  • Compact on the spot with easy to pull back rollers.
  • Easy to work along walls and in other narrow areas where compaction is required.
  • Eliminate damage by chipping corners, dragging, breaking, or scratching pavers.