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Auger Attachment – Skid Steer/Excavator Rental

Rental Item Specs

Minimum Hydraulic Flow10 GPM 38 LPM
Maximum Hydraulic Flow25 GPM 95 LPM
Max. Continuous Operating PSI3000 PSI
207 bar
Output Shaft Options2 9/16″ round
2″ hex
Flow Speed10 GPM 38 LPM 38 RPM
12 GPM 45 LPM 45 RPM
14 GPM 53 LPM 53 RPM
15 GPM 61 LPM 60 RPM
20 GPM 76 LPM 75 RPM
25 GPM 95 LPM 94 RPM
 Pressure Torque2000 PSI 138 BAR 1600 lb. ft. 2169 N. m.
2500 PSI 172 BAR 2000 lb. ft. 2712 N. m.
3000 PSI 207 BAR 2377 lb. ft. 3223 N. m.

Rental Rates

Four Week$1295.00
Min Rental TermDay
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

This price is for the auger attachment if rented with one of our skid steers or excavators only.  Contact your local Cal-West store for pricing of the auger attachment if rented by itself. 

Dig 9-inch to 36-inch holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy. The heavy-duty hydraulic auger bites in with high torque power. Because of a unique knuckle-joint design, the auger will hang plumb even on uneven terrain. Three models to choose from.


  • Direct drive for more efficient operation. A smaller drive housing allows the entire drive unit to follow the bit into the hole, adding a foot more dig depth than a standard drive unit.
  • More torque. Efficient design and modified displacement give these units plenty of torque.
  • Hex output shafts align.
  • Improved mounting system
  • Reverse Rotation
75 Series drive units are completely sealed with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis. Use this attachment with our Skid Steers and Excavators.