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22″ Box Fan Rental

Rental Item Specs

Electric Motor 320 W, 115 VAC, 60 HZ, 3.8 amperes, 2 speed
Speed Control  Single Speed 
Operating Positions  Four
Weight 53 lbs (24 kg)
Height 22 inch ( mm)
Length  26 inch ( mm)
Width 22-3/4 inch ( mm)

Rental Rates

Four Week$255.00
Min Rental TermDay
*We Pay All Rental Taxes For You

Use the EP20ACP Ventilation Blower for both vertical and horizontal air flow movement job applications including carpets, subfloors, cabinets, closets, ceilings, attic areas and damaged drywall, Dry an entire room in just a matter of a minutes and not hours. Use it to effectively dry an entire room quickly and easily by using standard and accepted air movement principles. The multi-bladed propeller draws in warmer and less humid air from above, forces it down at high velocity and disperses it across the entire floor as a fast and effective drying solution. The effect is a vertically oriented convection pattern that helps maximize water absorption and the heat transfer necessary to dry floor surfaces. The boxed-type design gives the EP20ACP added versatility when placed in a horizontal configuration. Position it within a work area to create a horizontal convection air flow pattern to cool personnel or dilute the effects of contaminated air.