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Different Uses for Scaffolding Outside of Construction

When you think of scaffolding, the first thing that comes to mind generally is construction. You imagine buildings surrounded by an exoskeleton of steel laden with workers set on building, or repairing, structures throughout the world. You may imagine bamboo scaffolding if thinking of several Asian countries. What you may not realize is how useful scaffolding is outside of the construction realm. Many of these will turn to equipment rental companies as they will not have the use of scaffolding for more than just a single-use. The industries known to utilize scaffolding outside of construction include entertainment, art, and decorating. 

The main thing to remember about scaffolding is there is more than just the exterior scaffolding rental you are used to seeing. Indoor scaffolding, as well as mobile individual lift rentals, is all very popular ways to reach to the height desired. By taking a look at the three industries listed above, you can get an idea of the different ways scaffolding can be used by the private sector as well. Simply having access to heights, without having to rely on a less than sturdy ladder, allow you to do so much more. Working alone, or with others, you can get more done thanks to the nature of scaffolding and its versatility.

Construction has always turned to the scaffold, in all its forms, because of the stability it offers when utilizing heavy equipment and construction materials. Additionally, when using scaffolding, multiple workers can work together on a single project to increase productivity. The freedom to work inside and outside with the kind of stability you would normally only find in a built structure makes it possible for construction workers to achieve seemingly impossible feats. From masonry to painting to repairs, the construction industry has always turned to scaffold, and you’ll see how these same properties which make scaffolding from equipment rental companies necessary make it invaluable to other areas. 

Scaffolding Uses in Entertainment

If you have ever been to a concert, you have most likely encountered outdoor scaffolding rental materials whether you realized it or not. Everything from banners to sound equipment to lighting benefits from the use of scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is generally the tubular aluminum variety to offer the maximum instability. Access to lighting and so much more can be accomplished through the internal networks utilized in construction. Concert venues may own their scaffolding, but many rely on equipment rental companies to provide them with temporary use structures.

Sometimes, the scaffolding used in a concert is to create the stage itself. Simply by using outdoor scaffolding, like a modular variety, it is possible to create a unique stage to the exact specifications of the artist. In most cases, the stage is a simple design. Best of all, the scaffolding houses not only the stage for the band, but can be utilized to contain all the sound equipment for the band to be heard by massive crowds. 

When you’re watching a movie, you may notice all the aerial shots used to show the characters from different angles. Cranes can also be used to elevate the camera to height for this same purpose, but there are limitations in their use. Drones are also becoming more common in the industry, but again, they cannot offer filmmakers the diversity they are looking for in all applications. By using scaffolding, not only are there no limits on the type of equipment that can be used for production, but there are fewer limits on the personnel who can access it. It is possible when utilizing outdoor scaffolding rental to have the director, cameraman, grip, sound, and other technicians all in one location. 

Scaffolding Uses in Art

Art facilities are big proponents of scaffolding. Think about when you have gone to a gallery. Several pieces are either hanging from the ceiling or ones which or hung high on the wall. These pieces benefit from the use of scaffolding to put them where they will be displayed. Much of this involves scaffolding equipment rental such as mobile indoor lift units. This allows those in charge of hanging the art pieces the stability they require to attach the pieces where they will be displayed without damaging the art or the installation. It is one of the reasons why art galleries tend to have lots of wide-open spaces.

Another use of scaffolding in art is for use in pieces that involve the scaffolding itself. Scaffolding rental can be used to attach art to. Many outdoor events lack the structure to display art. Modular scaffolding can be brought to the location and create the structures needed for the art to be properly displayed. In some cases, the scaffolding becomes a part of the art itself. Something like outdoor scaffolding can be used to create a figure using fabrics which are drawn over the metal and wood to transform it into something beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Arbor Scaffolding

Scaffolding Uses in Decoration

Yet one more reason people turn to equipment rental companies for scaffolding is for decorating purposes. Think about the holidays when you see lights and decorations on buildings, trees, and bridges. Mobile scaffolding units can play a big part in providing the necessary lift to get to heights. This is especially useful for those in charge of decorating with larger pieces. Getting a star on the tree in the living room is quite a different feat than setting the star at the top of the tree in the town square. Of course, the holidays are not the only time people decorate, so scaffolding is used for hanging banners from buildings and so much more. 

Homeowners get in the mix when turning to outdoor scaffolding rental when they’re decorating their homes. Without the fear of falling off a ladder while wielding a hammer, there are increased possibilities for what can be accomplished. The individual man lift rental also provides safe access to the roof when it is desired to add signs, decorations, and lights. Removing the possibility of falling off the ladder, or from the roof, encourages homeowners to let their imaginations run wild. Best of all, individual lifts are easy to operate and impart minimal damage to landscaping around a private domicile. They can simply be rolled in, used, and rolled back out.

As you see, whether talking about outdoor scaffolding rental, or indoor, there are so many ways it can be used other than construction. Arbors, environmentalists, and scientists are just a few of the other fields in which scaffolding has been used. Just by observing the world around you, it is likely you will start seeing other ways in which scaffolding is being used in everyday life. While construction will always be at the center of the industry, the possibilities are endless in how scaffolding benefits modern society. Anything, where something at height needs to be reached for an extended period of time, is a perfect candidate for scaffolding use. Whether heavy objects are involved or not, it is plain to see that scaffolding is immensely useful in so many applications. As long as there are those who desire to reach new heights in their field, there will be equipment rental companies offering the scaffolding they require to get the job done.