Cal-West Origin Story

1950 Ford Tractor
1950 Ford Tractor

Cal-West Rentals, Inc. was founded in October of 1958 at 1300 Petaluma Boulevard North in Petaluma, California. Cal-West Rentals served many ranches and dairies in the area with various equipment rentals. Cal-West’s biggest piece of equipment at that time was a Ford tractor that rented for a mere $45.00 a day. One person ran the store on any given day, and it was “busy” if ten to twelve customers came in throughout the entire workday.

As the tool rental store in Petaluma began to grow, Cal-West Rentals expanded its operations to keep pace with that growth. By the late 70’s, Cal-West Rentals expanded again by purchasing the adjoining property and paving both lots. The next five years showed record growth for the city, as well as for Cal-West Rentals.

In 1978, Pat Doherty opened the doors at Petaluma Rental Center at 960 Lakeville Street in Petaluma, as a sole proprietor. The main market for Petaluma Rental Center was homeowners. In the early part of the 80’s, Petaluma Rental Center recognized the potential of the construction market and continued to flourish for the next ten years.

In January 1987, Petaluma Rental Center continued its growth by purchasing Cal-West Rentals. After 2 years, both operations consolidated into one store under the “Cal- West Rentals” name, at our Petaluma location on 1300 Petaluma Blvd North.

In December of 2000, Pat Doherty was killed in a snowmobile accident. Cal-West Rentals was then taken over by the Doherty family and his daughter, Bridget Doherty, came to manage the company. She is now the President of Cal-West Rentals & the General Manager of Encore Events Rentals.

Pat’s son, Tyler Doherty, joined the company in 2007 after completing college, and now owns Cal-West Rentals with Bridget and is the General Manager of Cal-West Rentals. Working for his father in the summers as a teenager Tyler learned the ins and outs of what personal customer service looks like as well as all the technical skills need to run a successful tool rental company. Under Bridget and Tyler’s management Cal-West has ventured into the heavy equipment rentals and party rental industry expanding upon their father’s legacy. Cal-West is the textbook definition of a family run business as seen in the employees who have been with the company for decades, personal attention and care for clients, and good old-fashion work ethic. Cal-West Rentals and Encore Events now employs between seventy-five to one hundred and twenty employees, and ranges in equipment from event rentals such as a tables, chairs and tents to heavy equipment like a 450G Bulldozer and 65’ boom lifts. With the recent addition of a new Cal-West Rentals storefront in San Rafael, Tyler and Bridget are leading Cal-West Rentals and Encore Events into the next era while paying homage to their humble beginnings. Cal-West Rentals and Encore Events pride themselves on continually maintaining a high level of personal service and excellent customer satisfaction that have been the core of the business since its founding.